1 1 Discussion Assignment Trends In Supply Chain Management 30 Points Total Initial 3255348

1.1 Discussion Assignment Trends in Supply Chain Management

30 Points Total. Initial post (20 pts) due Day 5 (11:59 CT), Replies (10 pts) due Day 7 (11:59 CT)

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Part 1 Initial Post Due by Day 5 (11:59, CT) of Week 1 (20 pts)

Write a summary about the trends in today’s Supply Chain Management, discuss challenges and advantages with working in overseas markets. Support your views with appropriate evidence. Your posts on the discussion board must be presented in a professional manner (proper spelling, grammar, word usage, thoughts grouped by paragraph, etc.) with sources properly cited using APA style.

Summarize your thoughts in a MS Word (or similar application) document. Compose a (minimum) 500-word essay (single space).