1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Number Of Baskets Per Hour Price Total Revenue Total Cost Total Profit 1189402

1234567Number of baskets per hourPriceTotal RevenueTotal CostTotal profitPriceMarginal costA0—0$10.00-$10.00——B1$13.00$13.0015.00-    2.00$13.00$5.00C213.0026.0022.00+   4.0013.007.00D313.0039.0031.00+   8.0013.00  9.00E4


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52.0044.00+   8.0013.0013.00F513.0065.0061.00+   4.0013.00


Graph information to show price or cost per basket and quantityof baskets of fish per hour.How many fish should be harvested at amarket price of $ 17, $13, and $9. How much total revenue iscollected at each price? How much profit does the farmer make ateach of these prices?