1 A Survey Of 64 Of Your Fellow Classmates Determines That 19 Of Them Are Bullish On 1189456

1.) A survey of 64 of your fellow classmates determines that 19of them are bullish on the market while the remainder is bearish.What is the market sentiment index for this group ofindividuals?

2.)Last year, Kathy purchased 3 shares of stock A at $50 ashare. At the same time, she purchased 5 shares of stock B at $35 ashare. Today, stock A is valued at $65 a share and stock B is worth$42 a share. What is the relative strength of stock A as comparedto stock B?

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3.)The series of Fibonacci numbers contains the sequentialvalues of 610 and 987. What is the next number in this series?

4.)The price of a stock increased from $32 to $38. Using phi,what are the primary and secondary support areas for the stock?

5.)Altoona Train stock increased from $18 a share to $25 ashare. Based on phi, what are the primary and secondary supportareas for this stock?