1 An Auditor Is Using The Mean Per Unit Method Of Variables Sampling To Estimate The 2801566

1- An auditor is using the mean-per-unit method of variables sampling to estimate the correct total value of a group of inventory items. Based on the sample, the auditor estimates, with precision 0f +_4% and confidence of 90%, that the correct total is:

2- The accounts receivable file contains a large number of small monetary balances and a small number of large monetary balances, and the auditor expects to find numerous errors in the account balances. The most appropriate sampling techniqueto estimate the monetary amount of error is:

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3- An auditor is conducting a survey of perceptions and beliefs of employees concerning an organization health care plan. The best approach toselecting a sampleis to…

4- An auditor is considering a sample size of 50 to estimate the average amount per invoice in a large trucking company. How would theprecision of the sample results be affected if the sample size was increased to 200?

5- In a variables sampling application, if the achieved monetary precision rangeof the statistical sample at a given confidence level is greater than the desired monetary precision range, this is an indication that the…

6- An internal auditor is planning to use monetary unit sampling for testing the monetary value of a large accounts receivable population. The advantages of usingmonetary-unit-sampling (MUS)include all of the following except that it..