1 Buying Situation In Which Suppliers Make Effort To Maintain Quality Of Materials I 2846930

1.Buying situation in which suppliers make effort to maintain quality of materials is classified as A.straight rebuy B.turned rebuy C.new buy D.purpose buying 2. Individuals or groups that influence buying decision and provide information of alternatives are classified as A. users B.influencers C.deciders D.initiators 3. Buying situation in which purchases are ordered from suppliers on an approved list is classified as A. modified task B.straight rebuy C.new task D.modified rebuy 4. Individuals who use products and initiate defining product requirements are classified as A. users B.influencers C.deciders D.initiators 5. Market which consists large number of buyers of product that are supplied, rented or sold to others is classified as A. consumer market B.business market C.organization market D.large markets

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