1 Calculate Gmroi And Inventory Turnover Given Annual Sales Of 20 000 Average Invent 2766671

1)Calculate GMROI and inventory turnover given annual sales of $20,000, average inventory (at cost) of $4,000 and a gross margin of 45%. (1point) 2)Using the following information, calculate additions to stock: (1 point) Sales$26,000 EOM stock$100,000 BOM stock$88,000 3)Using the following information, calculate the average BOM stock-to-sales ratio for a six-month merchandise budget plan: ( 2 points). GMROI 130% Gross Margin 46% 4)Today is July 19. Buyers at two different stores are attempting to assess current open-to-buy given the following information: Store A: Actual BOM stock$50,000 Monthly additions actual$25,000 Merchandise on order to be delivered$10,000 Planned monthly sales Planned reductions$30,000 $5,000 Planned EOM stock$65,000 Store B: Actual BOM stock$75,000 Monthly additions actual$30,000 Merchandise on order to be delivered$12,000 Planned monthly sales Planned reductions$40,000 $6,000 Planned EOM stock$75,000 What is the open-to-buy on July 19? What does this number mean to you for each store? (2 points). 5)What is the order point and how many units should be reordered if a food retailer has an item with a 7-day lead-time, 10-day review time, and daily demand of 8 units? Say 70 units are on hand and the retailer must maintain a backup stock of 20 units to maintain a 98 percent service level? (1 point). 6)A retailer is expecting a good month and is adjusting the sales forecast upward by $750. Using the following information, calculate the March open-to-buy: ( 1 point). Planned purchases (March)$32,000 Monthly additions actual21,000 Merchandise on order (March)8,000 Open-to-buy unused (February)2,000 7)The Sports Shop has beginning inventory of $12,000 and planned ending inventory of $13,400. Planned sales for the period are $5,800. Calculate the open-to-buy for the month. (1 pont). 8)What is the reorder point, and how many units should be reordered if a retailer has an item that has a lead time of 10 days, a review time of 15 days, daily demand of 18 units, and there are 82 units on hand and the retailer must maintain a backup stock of 27 units to maintain a 95% service level? (1 point).

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