1 Churches Museums And Charities Are Examples Of Services Of A Government Sector B P 2847174

1.Churches, museums and charities are examples of services of A.government sector B.private non-profit sector C.manufacturing sector D.business sector 2. Characteristics of services include A.variability and inseparability B.intangibility C.perishability D.all of the above 3. According to categories of services mix, and products that have no accompanying services are classified as A.tangible goods with accompanying services B.pure tangible goods C.pure services D.major service with minor goods 4. Considering categories of services mix, meal of restaurant is classified as example of A.pure services B.major service with minor goods C.tangible goods with accompanying services D.pure tangible goods 5. Qualities of product that are hard for buyers to evaluate even after purchasing product are classified as A.minor qualities B.search qualities C.credence qualities D.experience qualities

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