1 Design A 16 Ft Tall Square Tied Column A B In A Braced Frame To Support An Unfacto 2802281

1) Design a 16-ft tall square tied column A-B in a braced frame to support an unfactored axial dead load of 480 kip (Including self weight) and an unfactored axial live load of 240 kip (see figure). In addition to the axial loads, the column also subjects to factored end moments as shown in figure below.

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(a) Check whether column AB is a long/slender or short column. [Note: you must use and mark on the alignment chart to show how you determine the effective length factor, k]

(b) Determine the minimum number of #8 bar(s) required to carry the factored loads. Select the reinforcing bars to be placed in the two end faces only (see figure below)

(c) Neglecting shear, what is the maximum spacing of #3 ties for the column?