1 Determine Of The Torque Speed Curves For A Dc Motor 2 Estimate Of The Armature Res 2844062

1. Determine of the torque-speed curves for a DC motor 2. Estimate of the armature resistance (Ra), torque constant (ka) and back EMF constant (kb) for the motor from your measurements 3. Plot manufacturer’s torque-speed curves (based on the manufacturer’s electrical data) Document Preview:

1 DC Motors DC Motor Testing Format Format This lab will be conducted during your regularly scheduled lab time in a group format. Report Report An individually written, informal lab report is due for this lab. All of the information specifically requested in this lab handout must be present in your report. P Pr ro oc ce ed du ur re es s This experiment involves the determination of the torque-speed curves for a DC motor using the apparatus shown below in Figure 1. A DC generator (actually just another DC motor) is used as the mechanical “load.” A large series resistance on the generator will create a relatively small load on the motor, and vice-versa. The motor’s speed can be adjusted over a wide range by the DC Power Supply. Motor Power SupplyLoad Cell Power SupplyGenerator MotorLoad Cell Resistor Load Bank Figure 7-1. DC motor experimental setup The generator is “cradled” in bearings and is free to rotate. A lever arm attached to the generator presses against a load cell, as shown in detail below in Figure 2.2 Lab 8 – DC Motors Moment Arm Figure 2. Moment arm and load cell The moment arm is measured from the centerline of the motor shaft to the center of the bolt on the load cell that contacts the moment arm. The product of the lever arm length (which you will need to measure) and the force exerted on the load cell is the torque produced by the motor. You will read the load cell output with the Analog Discovery 2 (AD2) digital oscilloscope. There are two procedures that you must follow in this lab: – Calibration of your load cell and- Testing of the motor.To calibrate the load cell, you must mount it to the short aluminum beam that, in turn, is clamped to the lab bench. This is shown below in Figure 3. The load cell has four wires coming out of it: red, black, white, and green. 1. The red and black wires are for powering the load cell and should be connected to+12V and COM/GND, respectively.2. The…

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