1 Discuss The Major Characteristics Of A Team And When It Would Be Most Appropriate 2841291

    1. 1. Discuss the major characteristics of a team and when it would be most appropriate to use them.
    2. 2.Compare/contrast skill-based, knowledge-based, and competency-based pay plans.
    3. 3.Discuss the performance appraisal process. (You should be sure to include the information below, along with any other information you find necessary).Identify and DISCUSS a minimum of five of the most common rating errors found when rating performance.
      • Who performs the appraisals?
      • Is there a best time for performing appraisals?
      • How often should they be performed?
      • What conditions should exist prior to instituting a formal performance appraisal process?
      • Are formal appraisals always preferred or advised?