1 Each Process Area In Termed Of Specific Goals And Specific Practices Are Defined I 2847198

1.Each process area in termed of specific goals and specific practices are defined in A.CMMI B.SEI C.CMI D.SE 2. Most important technology on world stage is A.computer hardware B.computer software C.automobile D.play station 3. Model which is useful when developer is not sure of requirements, or efficiency of an algorithm , business rules, response time, etc is A.Waterfall model B.Incremental model C.Prototyping model D.RAD model 4. Capability level in which process area is adapted and optimized using quantitative means to meet changing customer needs and to continually improve efficacy of process area under consideration in A.Level2:Managed B.Level3:Defined C.Level4:Quantitatively Managed D.Level5:Optimized

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