1 Explain The Major Trends That Have Occurred In Recent Years With Respect To The Gl 2926887

1.Explain the major trends that have occurred in recent years with respect to the globalisation of industries and markets and critically evaluate the key drivers. 2.Distinguish between different forms of multinational enterprise, organisational structures, global mission, objectives and strategy and assess their strengths and weaknesses. 3.Analyse major sources of global competitive advantage. 4.Explain and synthesise the role and function of specific global business operations. 5.Critically evaluate the major competitive strategies adopted by global enterprises and integrate the various business functions within the formulation and operation of global strategic plans How will this module be delivered? Learning will be facilitated through a combination of didactic teaching and activities undertaken by module participants to reinforce and consolidate the key issues raised in the didactic sessions. Activities will include the examination of case studies and articles, the scrutiny of research findings produced by module participants, presentations by module participants, and the analysis of contemporary firm behaviour using newspapers and journals. In addition, small groups of participants will be expected to produce a critique of a relevant research based academic article for discussion amongst the rest of the class.


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