1 Explain What Engineering Management Is What Skills Do Engineering Managers Need To 2510110

1.Explain what engineering management is. What skills do engineering managers need to be effective in the new millennium? 2.Describe each of the three strategic planning methods discussed in ithe textbook. What are the purposes and advantages of each? 3.Why is product life cycle analysis so important? Describe the four stages of a product’s life cycle an d identify some of the tools used for operational planning. 4.Explain the differences between functional, discipline-based, product, region-based, matrix, team, and network organization. 5.Why is planning a major function for engineering management? 6.Explain what cross-functional teams are. What are the advantages of using cross-functional teams for an organization? 7.Discuss the concept of delegating and it benefits to an organization. 8.Explain why technology forecasting is critical for organizations in the New Millenium. 9.Explain why engineering managers need to learn how to effectively resolve conflicts. Elaborate on some key conflict resolution techniques that engineering managers could use in the workplace. 10.Why is organizing a critical function for engineering management?

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