1 Firm K Is A Leading Maker Of Water Proof Outerwear During The Winter Months Demand 2839571

1. Firm K is a leading maker of water-proof outerwear. during the wintermonths, demand for its main line of waterproof coats is given by:

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P = 800-0.15Q,

Where Pdenotes price in dollars and Q is quantity of units sold per month. The firmproduces coats in a single plant (which it leases by the year). The totalmonthly cost of producing these coats is estimated to be:

C = 175,000+300Q +0,1

(Leasing the plant accounts for almost all of the$175,000 fixed cost.) Find the firm’s profit-maximizing output and price. ifthe firm’s other outerwear products generate $50.000 in contribution, what isthe firm’s total month profit?