1 For Each Of The Inspection Methods Listed Cite One Major Limitation To Its Use A V 2573798

1. For each of the inspection methods listed, cite one major limitation to its use.

a. Visual inspection

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b. Liquid penetrant inspection

c. Magnetic particle inspection

d. Ultrasonic inspection

e. Radiography

f. Eddy-current testing

g. Acoustic emission monitoring

2. Which of the major nondestructive inspection methods might you want to consider if you want to detect surface flaws and internal flaws in products made from each of the following materials?

a. Ceramics

b. Polymers

c. Fiber-reinforced composites with

(i) polymer matrix and

(ii) metal matrix (consider various fiber materials)

3. Discuss the application of nondestructive inspection methods to powder metallurgy (metallic) products with low, average, and high density.