1 Identify And Discuss The Four Overarching Questions That Must Be Addressed In Deve 2770205

1. Identify and discuss the four overarching questions that must be addressed in developing a viable business plan.

2.What factors might cause business specific risk to go down?
3.Review the table titled “What Is an Acquirer’s Risk in an All-Cash Deal?” in theHarvard Business Reviewarticle, “Stock or Cash?: The Trade-Offs for Buyers and Sellers in Mergers and Acquisitions.” Assume that the acquirer is smaller than the target. What does the table indicate given this assumption?https://hbr.org/1999/11/stock-or-cash-the-trade-offs-for-buyers-and-sellers-in-mergers-and-acquisitions

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4.Describe and differentiate between what the termsspin-offs,carve-outs, split-ups, andsplit-offs mean. Provide examples to illustrate your descriptions.
5.Compare and contrast tracking, targeted, and letter stocks. Provide specific examples to illustrate their similarities and differences.