1.) need discussion answers for the discussion questions 300 words


 Need Discussion Answers for the Discussion Questions 300 words each for the DQ1 and DQ2, no palgiarism, use 3 references and in-text citation and turn it in for the content each DQ in separate word file.

Course Name: Leading Change.

DQ1: As a change manager, to what extent can you identify environmental pressures propelling your organization toward change? To what extent do you have influence over whether and how to change? 



  1. Why do organizations not change in response to environmental pressures? 


3. Need Paper, 3 pages, 5 ref, APA format, turin it in

Question: Go back through the business press ( Fortune, The Economist, BusinessWeek, etc. and any other LIRNbased articles) and find at least three articles related to either downsizing, implementation of a new technology, or a merger or acquisition. In a 2-3 page APA formatted paper: 

1. What were the key frontline experiences listed in relation to your chosen change? 

2. How do they relate to those listed in chapter 4? Did you identify new ones confronting change managers? 

3. How would you prioritize these experiences? Do any stand out as “deal breakers”? Why? 

4. What new insights into implementing this type of change emerge from this? 

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