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1. On November 2, 2017, Scannell, LTD., issued a $200 million, five-year maturity CDs(liability) denominated in Dollars at an interest rate of 2.25 percent. The CDs pay interest annually and the principal value of $200 million at maturity. Also on November 2, 2017, Scannell invested $150 million in a Rouble (?)-denominated ten-year maturity loan with an annual interest rate of 11 percentand $50 million was invested in a ten-year maturity U.S. Treasury note with an interest rate of 2.34 percent. The Rouble denominated loan pays interest annually with the principal paid at maturity (remember this loan contract is denominated in Rouble (?)). The ten-year U.S. Treasury note pays interest semiannually. The exchange rate on November 2, 2017 was ?59.0141/$. The exchange rate on November 2, 2018 was ?66.0468/$. Market interest rates in the U.S. for four-year maturity CDs on November 2, 2018 are 2.50 percent, the current market yield to maturity for an 9-year maturity U.S Treasuries is 3.20 percent, and the interest rate on an 9-year maturity Russian loan increased from 11 percent on the loan when originated on November 2, 2017 to a market rate of 13 percent on November 2, 2018. Thus, values of both assets and liabilities decline since interest rates increased in both Russia and the U.S. Note that the values of each of the balance sheet assets and liabilities change because of changes in market interest rates, changing time to maturities and changes in exchange rates.Fill in the table below for the balance sheets in Dollars and Rouble (?). Since Scannell, LTD was exposed to both interest rate risk and exchange rate risk, what were the gains or losses resulting from interest rate changes, maturity changes and the gains or losses due to exchange rate changes?

Exchange rates may be found at:https://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=USD&to=RUB&view=1M

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U.S Treasury rates may be found at:


Solution matrix for problem (Market Values)

November 2, 2017 Date: ?59.0141/$

Balance Sheet Dollar Values (in millions) Balance Sheet Rouble Values (in millions)

Rouble Dollar Rouble Dollar

Loan $150 CD $200 Loan ?_______CD ?__________

U.S T-bill $50 U.S.T-bill ?________

$200 $200 ?________ ?__________

November 2, 2018 Date: ?66.0268/$

Balance Sheet Dollar Values (in millions) Balance Sheet Rouble Values (in millions)

Rouble Dollar Rouble Dollar

Loan $_______ CD $_______ Loan ?________ CD?________

US Trea$______ USTrea?________

Total $______ $_______ ?________ ?13,081.17

Gain or loss in $________ Gain or lossin ?__________

Russian Loan Price in Roubles on 11/2/18 with 9 years to maturity, yielding 13%

VB= 4,996.85 + 2,946.73 =?7,943.58

or ?7,943.58/?66.0268/$ = $___________

Scannell LTD CD in $ on 11/2/18 with 4 years to maturity, yield 2.50%

Vcd= = $____________

or $_____________*?66.0268/$ = ?____________

U.S Treasury Bond in $ on 11/2/18 with 9 years to maturity, yielding 3.2%

VTB = = $__________________

or $__________*?66.0268/$ =?_____________