1 Please View The Following Tutorials On Scholarly Versus Non Scholarly Sources And 3653734

1. Please view the following tutorials on scholarly versus non-scholarly sources and how to access scholarly sources using the Post University Online Library databases in Unit 2. They can be found under “Unit 2: Scholarly Source Assignment”.• Tutorial: Academic Journals, Trade Journals and Popular Magazines: How are they Different?• Tutorial: Accessing Scholarly Journal Articles Through the Post University Library2. Write a minimum one-page essay following these guidelines:• Summarize the characteristics of each type of article.• Compare and contrast a scholarly journal article with a popular magazine article by including three ways they are similar and three ways they are different.• Choose a scholarly article related to your course paper topic and a non-scholarly article directly related to your topic and explain how they are similar and different. Please use specific examples from each article. Remember that you can find a list of course paper topics in the course paper instructions under Course Information. • Make sure to include citations references to your articles.

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