1 Sitxmgt501 5 What Legislative Requirements Cover The Information You Convey To Cli 2881679

5. What legislative requirements cover the information you convey to clients? 200 words
3. Research hotel licensing requirements in your state/ territory. Provide a brief overview of the obligations of licensees ( 200 words)
7. Design a template that could be used when developing workplace policies. Upload your template for assessment. 100 or less
All of this needs to be in a policy template correct, but you need to set it out into a template version please. i.e. your first page will have:
Title and number:
the name and number of the policy.
Then your second page:
Then your third page:
etc. etc.
8. What are the legal responsibilities and liabilities of managers and directors in terms of health and safety in the workplace? ( 200 words)
Summative Assessment 1: question # – 3 Design a template that could be used when developing workplace policies. ( 100 words or less)
( This needs to be an actual template. The information is correct but you need to format it correctly. Page 1:, page 2: etc..)
Summative assessment 2: Project 1.
How can organisations in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries ensure they continue to deliver products and services that meet or exceed the needs of their customers? 250 words

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