1 University University Of Wales Programme Mba Module Human Resources Management Ass 2924741

University : University of Wales
Programme : MBA
Module : Human Resources Management
Assignment Title :
A Human Resources Management Report :
The Impacts of Digital Transformation , Artificial Intelligence (AI), to Human
Resources Management.
(I) Deliver on April 10, 2019.
a/ a report of 1,500 to 2,000words
b/ 7 to 8 pages of Power Point for presentation
The details are as the following :
(A) Produce a Human Resources management report that focus on impacts of digital
transformation to HRM.
The report must contain strategies, insights, solution and conclusions derived from the
findings detailed within the report and culminate in fully justified recommendations and an
implementation plan for recommended changes.
Abbreviations should be fully spelled out in parentheses at the first time.
The report should be with logical flow.
For example, the way we lead, attract, motivate, and retain staffs, the way we lead as HR
leader and team for performance, the way to serve our stakeholders (employees / customers /
suppliers / investors / partners), the way we compete, and definitely have profound impacts to
the way we manage and drive performance effectiveness in our organization today and future.
Provide an insightful critical analytical report based on the Key Change Driver in digital
Discuss at least 3 articles related to how the key selected driver is being adapted and impact
HR functions for higher performance today and future.
Prefer at least 3 articles (research paper) from the 8-big company in the world, such as
the audit firms and the consulting firms
• You must indicate in your report which issues you have selected.
• Your report should draw upon the theories, principles, tools and guidelines from the
field of business management given in the lectures or in the previous activities and
The report should at least cover the followings:
1. Brief introduction the background and focus of the topic / key change driver
2. How organization adopts and embrace this change driver and how it affects how HR
leaders adopt these drivers and apply to allow HR to perform.
3. Key learnings (insights, lessons, observations, arguments) from the articles
4. Key impacts (positive & negative) of applying learnings in workplace
5. Key challenges for HR leaders to apply learnings into their real workplace
6. Provide recommendation / suggestion for better results
(B) Power Point and presentation
– 7 to 8 Power Point for presentation (not including the cover / end pages)
– maximum 6 to 7 points per page
– the last page is the reference
 In addition, there should be a slide with references used at the end
 The presentation needs to professionally presented, this includes professional looking
 The physical presentation of the presentation should be aimed at a professional
audience (i.e. dress code, fluent delivery in English)
University : University of Wales
Programme : MBA
Module : Human Resource Management
Assignment title :
A Human Resources Management Report :
The Impacts of Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), to Human
Resources Management.
Assignment Information
C/ Format :
1/ Harvard formatting, all references mentioned in the Reference List are cited in
the text, and vice versa.
2/ All alphabetical Citation List using Harvard referencing style.
3/ Citations, should match with Reference List.
4/ A4 size of paper
5/ Microsoft Words in 12-point type Time New Roman font
6/ with at least 2-centimetre space at each edge
7/ Format, with 1.5-line spacing for all material in the manuscript
8/ Format, using single line spacing for graphs, tables, footnotes, and reference list
9/ Section headings should be numbered in Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3),
while sub-section should follow the double numeration system (1.1, 1.2 etc.)
10/ All headings, left-aligned and in bold and on their own separate line.
11/ Figure and table, on one individual page
12/ Figures and tables should be placed above or below of the relevant text in the
manuscript, and the corresponding caption should be placed directly above the
figure or table.
13/ Variable for figure or table, to be 2 to 3, not too much.
14/ Please divide into 2 figures or 2 tables, if there are 4 or more variables
15/ Figure and table with number, and provide the sources for them
16/ With Appendices (if any), all charts, financials, visuals, and other related items.
If more than one appendix, should be identified as A, B, etc.
17/ Abbreviations should be fully spelled out in parentheses at the first time.
18/ Use first hand information all the times.
19/ Please try to use your own words and ideas based on research rather than copy
and paste other’s words from the internet.

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