1 Use Javafx Create A Contacts Application In Javafx Store The Contacts Information 2892407

1. Use Javafx: Create a Contacts application in JavaFx. Store the contacts information in an ObservableListof Contact object. A contact should contain first name, last name, email and phone number properties (You are free to provide others). When the user selects a contact from the contacts list, its information should display in a Grid of Text Fields. As the information is modified (A Contact’s data is updated, a new Contact is added or an existing Contact is deleted), the contacts ListViewshould display the updates. The ListViewshould display the Contact’s last name. Also provide a custom ListViewthat display’s the Contact’s full name and picture with the names sorted by last name.

2. Create a JavaFx mortgage calculator app that allows the users to enter a purchase price, down-payment amount and interest rate. Based on these values, the app should calculate the loan amount (purchase price minus down payment) and display the monthly payment for 10-,20- and 30- year loans. Allow the user to select a custom loan duration (in years) by using slider and display the monthly payments.

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