1 Wall Street Journal Said That Ideas And Technological Discoveries Are Driving Engi 2847183

1.Wall Street journal said that ideas and technological discoveries are driving engine of A.dynamic growth B.audit growth C.technology growth D.economic growth 2.A client server computer program in which client runs in a web browser is termed as A.web application B.application software C.product line software D.embedded software 3.Objexis team portal is developed by A.Team Corporation B.Objexis Corporation C.Corel Corporation D.IEEE Corporation 4.A relatively new software engineering paradigm that provides a process and methodological approach for defining, specifying, designing and constructing aspects is referred to as A.AOP B.DOP C.SOC D.SPICE 5.Framework activity which involves heavy communication and collaboration with customer and encompasses requirements gathering and other related activities is A.communication framework B.planning framework C.modeling framework D.construction framework

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