1 What Other Disease Does The Podcast State Influenza Is Paired With In Cdc Reports 3106998

1. What other disease does the podcast state influenza is paired with in CDC reports?, Why?

2. Why is influenza a dangerous disease?

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3. Using information presented in the podcast, state why, in paragraph form, it is recommended that healthcare providers receive an annual flu vaccine?

4. According to the podcast, why might someone think the vaccine gave them the flu?

5. According to the podcast, what factors are holding people back from receiving the flu vaccine?

6. According to the podcast, what are the most effective ways of encouraging people to have a flu vaccine?

7. Using Pender’s Health Promotion Model Explain, in paragraph form, what state of mind (aka stage of the model) is necessary for someone to receive the flu vaccine.

8. 2 extra points if you give me the correct internet citation for your source on Pender and the correct citation for a podcast.

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