1 You Must Choose One Of The Brands Listed Below For Your Presentation O Adidas O De 2942600

1. You must choose one of the brands listed below for your presentation o Adidas o Dell o Waterstones 2. Scenario: You have been appointed digital brand consultant for the chosen company and your first task is to present the results of your digital and social media audit to the company’s board: The managing director wants to see your report in advance of the meeting but does not have time for a meeting with you to discuss it. You are therefore required to submit a PowerPoint presentation (created in ‘notes view’) of a maximum 12 slides with accompanying notes explaining your review and totalling no more than 2500 words. Your presentation should contain sufficient notes and images so that it could be fully understood without you being there to explain it. Guidance on content: You should use the topics covered in the weekly lectures to guide you on the contents of your digital communications audit and you should support your critical discussion with evidence of academic reading. You should also make some consideration of the main competitors for the brand and the customer journey. ( important to consider application of factors such as SWOT, porter five forces, Pestle and other market analysis tool that can be used in this scenario). Please bear in mind you must submit notes to accompany your presentation – you should not simply write your report on Powerpoint slides. Slides which contain only text and provide no illustration of the points under analysis are unlikely to score well.


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