12 10 4 Countercurrent Multistage Leaching Of Halibut Livers Fresh Halibut Livers Co 3295948

12.10-4. Countercurrent Multistage Leaching of Halibut Livers. Fresh halibut livers contain- ing 25.7 wt % oil are to be extracted with pure ethyl ether to remove 95% of the oil in a countercurrent multistage leaching process. The feed rate is 1000 kg of fresh livers per hour. The final exit overflow solution is to contain 70 wt % oil. The retention of solution by the inert solids (oil-free liver) of the liver varies as follows (C1), where N is kg inert solid/kg solution retained and yA is kg oil/kg solution: YA 2.47 0.4 1.67 0.6 yA 4.880 1.39 0.81 .50 0.2 rt 2 Separation Process Principles Calculate the amounts and compositions of the exit streams and the tota of theoretical stages. l number

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