13 25 Wacc For A Firm The Imaginary Products Co Currently Has 300 Million Of Market 1304339

13.25 WACC for a firm: The Imaginary Products Co. currently has $300 million of market value debt outstanding. The 9 percent coupon bonds (semiannual pay) have a maturity of 15 years and are currently priced at $1,440.03 per bond. The firm also has an issue of 2 million preferred shares outstanding with a market price of $12.00. The preferred shares offer an annual dividend of $1.20. Imaginary also has 14 million shares of common stock outstanding with a price of $20.00 per share. The firm is expected to pay a $2.20 common dividend one year from today, and that dividend is expected to increase by 5 percent per year forever. If Imaginary is subject to a 40 percent marginal tax rate, then what is the firm’s weighted average cost of capital? Capital componentNumber outstandingCurrent price Bonds300,000 $1,440.03 Preffered stock2,000,000 $12.00 Common stock14,000,000 $20.00 Coupon rate on debt9% Coupon frequency (per year)2 Bond maturity (years)15 Preferred dividend (annual)$1.20 Expected dividend on common (D1)$2.20 Constant annual dividend growth rate (forever)5% Marginal tax rate40% Capital componentMarket ValueWeightAfter-tax costWeighted Cost (%) Bonds Preferred stock Common stock Total capital (market value) WACC

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