2 A Competitive Industry Has 12 Identical Firms Each One Has A Total Variable Cost F 3445925

2. A competitive industry has 12 identical firms, each one has a total variable cost function TVC(a) 402 and a marginal cost function MC(a) 40+q, the firm’s fixed cost.s are entirely non-sunk (that is, must be paid only if q >0) and equal to 50. (a) Calculate the price below which the firm will produce q 0. (b) The market demand is QD(p) 360-2p. What is the short-run equilibrium price and quantity supplied by each firm? Calculate each firm’s proft (c) Suppose demand does not change in the long run, and the cost function are the same too. What is the long-run equilibrium price and quantity? How many firms will be in the industry?


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