2 A Using Relevant Literature Carry Out A Critical Assessment Of The Terms Strategic 2920922

2(a) Using relevant literature, carry out a critical assessment of the terms ‘strategic alliances’ (SAs) and ‘mergers and acquisitions’ (M&As) in the context of Nokia’s ambition to sustain its competitive advantage in the global smartphone market. [10 marks] 2(b) Using information from the case study, discuss how Nokia’s alliance with Microsoft in February 2011 helped in stopping the decline in Nokia’s share of the global smartphone market. In your opinion was the ‘shake up at Nokia’ beneficial to the company’s employees? And why? [20 marks] Document Preview:

Order IdEHUK3951Order TypeAssignmentWords2500Deadline2014-11-05TopicGlobal Corporate strategySubjectManagementRefrence SystemHarvard (With Page Numbers)Writer NameD & M AssociateAdditional Requirementplease add good referencing from journals plagiarism free add appendix alsoAdmin RemarkNO PLAGIARISM + NO IRRELEVANT CONTENT + PROPER FOLLOWING OF THE GUIDELINES • Need a high standard of work • Please follow the primary research strictly • Do make sure all the requirements have met and cross checked. • No basic mistakes will be accepted such as – grammer , spelling error, meaningless lengthy sentences,missing references , PLAGIARISM and/or SIMILARITIES..

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