200912 Enterprise Leadership Challenges Opportunities Reflective Writing Assignment 2868235

200912: Enterprise Leadership: Challenges & Opportunities- Reflective Writing Assignment Help


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Part A: Video presentation and written document (20%) – 700 words

a. Background to the company (including ASX listing, financial position in the last 3 years and their major business).
b. 3 key issues related to the key themes raised in the chapter for that week and how your company addresses those issues of business practice in their enterprise. These key issues must show evidence of analysis and synthesis and not be a regurgitation of the textbook or cut and paste quotes from a single source.
c. Current challenges and opportunities for your company for 2017-2020. (This means you will need to read and investigate current business news).
d. A list of references from where your information was derived (not included in the word count).

Part B: Reflection (10%) – 300 words
Your reflection will consist of a 300 word response to the following questions:
1. Describe your experiences of delivering the presentation. What were you thinking and feeling at the time?

2. When you look back identify two positive aspects of your presentation skills and two aspects that you want to strengthen. For both, detail why you think those aspects were positive and could be strengthened.

3. List two ideas for improving your presentation skills. What will you do?