26 What Taxes Do The Employee And The Employee Both Pay The Following Information Is 2767233

26. What taxes do the employee andthe employee both pay?

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The following information is takenfrom the financial statement of Fellow’s Funeral Home:

Total current assets $62,000

Quick assets $40,000

Property, plant, equipment $17,000

Current liabilities $18,000

Long-term liabilities $14,000

Beginning A/R $8000

End A/R $5000

Owner equity $45,000

Beginning Inventory $30,000

Ending inventory $15,000

Cost of Goods Sold $45,000

Net Sales $68,000

Net income $84,000

27. What is the inventory turnoverfor Fellow’s FH?

28. What is the acid-test ratio forFellow’s FH?

29. What is the A/R turnover forFellow’s FH?

30. If you take a loan out for $4000 and you are going to pay it back over 2years at 5% interest, how much money total are you going to pay back?