3 A New Large Scale Senior Community Is Being Developed And One Of The Decisions To 2847161

3. A new large scale senior community isbeing developed, and one of the decisions to be made is where to locate the twofire stations that have been allocated to the community. For planning purposes, the community has beendivided into five tracts, with no more than one fire station to be located inany given tract. Each station is torespond to all of the fires that occur in the tract in which it is located aswell as in the other tracts that are assigned to this station. The followingtable gives the average response time (in minutes) to a fire in each tract (thecolumns) if that tract is served by a station in a given tract (the rows). The bottom row gives the forecasted average number of fires that willoccur in each of the tracts each year. Formulate this problem situation as an integer programming model.

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