3 Consider An Economy Where 1999 Is The Base Year Used For All Calculations Of Price 1256510

3. Consider an economy where 1999 is the base year used for all calculations of price indices and constant-price aggregates. The price of the average good counted in GDP was 5% higher in 1997 than in 1999 and real GDP in 1997 was $64,800. In 1998 the rate of inflation was -10% (10% deflation). Nominal GDP was $61,425 in 1998 and $66,000 in 1999.

a. Calculate nominal GDP for 1997. Show your work.

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b. Determine whether there was a recession in 1998 (assume that when an aggregate increases/decreases from one year to the next, it also increases/decreases in each quarter within that year). Show your work and explain clearly.

c. Find the rate of inflation for 1999. Show your work.