3 If School Expenditures Are Selected By A Majority Vote Then Most Of The Voters In 3309735

( 3 ) ” if school expenditures are selected by a majority vote , then most of the voters in the district will be perfectly happy with the selected amount of spending . ” Evaluate this statement , using economic theories we discussed in class ( 4 ) Richard Musgrave has provided us with a 3-part defining state of the ” role of government . Please describe each , and provide an example for each role 5. state’s constitutions provide guidance regarding fiscal policy , and provide the operating parameters under which a budget is developed . Describe the stages of the budget process in New York State , including relevant time period for specific activities . Include a discussion of the players ( Executive / Legislature ) and their role in the process. ( 6 ) As we discussed , demographics migration are significant elements of State and Local finance These impacts can be realized in both the short and long term . Please describe how migration trends can impact a state or local budget Your answer should include a discussion of the relevance of the Tiebout hypothesis , including 4 of the 6 assumptions of his hypothesis

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