3 Pages Written In Double Space About The Following Subject From Our Reading Text Th 2587403

3 pages written in double space about the following subject from our reading(text that you purchased from the copy center).

You have to incorporate the following subject: The Aztec people, a) the Aztec Languages, their background, their history, culture, the patterns, the Aztec Empire, the History, the Cultural patterns(Government, tribute and trade, their economy, transportation, mythology and religion, the human sacrifice, social structures class structure, education, arts, city building and arquitecture, agriculture and their relationship to other meso- american culture and societies, their legacy, code, the conquerors, priests and scholars,.

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From all these aspects of this civilization you have to write the most important aspects that you are considering to be the issues that they characterize this civilization that they came to be.

The most important is that you will be able to study in depth and analyze the core of this civilization and how they were able to succeed and governed for so many generations and also were able to leave a culture and work for all people to see the remaining of their work.