*The task needs to be completed on July 23

*Prepare 3 slides of PPT 

*and 2 minutes of presentation

Current Events

Students will be responsible for presenting one marketing current event in class dealing with promotional strategies. The current event must come from an article produced from an unbiased source. Cal Poly’s Electronic library is a good resource (ABI Inform – Proquest) for articles. Other popular periodicals that have applicable articles are The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Week, Fortune, Business Horizons, Journal of Marketing, Marketing News and Advertising Age. The local newspaper is also good source. Websites that the instructor recommends are www.adweek.comwww.fastcompany.com/creativity or www.brandchannel.com for articles.

Students must place their presentation choice on the Discussion Board in Blackboard two days prior to the due date of their presentation. The powerpoint presentation must be uploaded to the Discussion Board two hours before class. The powerpoint presentation should have a maximum of 3 slides and presentations are not to last more than two minutes. The uploaded presentation choice date will determine the order of presentation. Student will not be allowed to repeat topics so please pay close attention to the topics listed. The format of the presentation can be in bullet form (minimum 60 words).

The format for the presentation will be as follows (your answers should be numbered by section):

1. Identify the promotional topic (subject/brand) and state why you find the article intriguing, interesting or noteworthy to you. (25% of the content)

2. Do you agree/disagree with the way the article was presented and the direction the (promotional topic (subject/brand) is going? Explain your answer in detail. (75% of the content)

3. Citation

Students who upload their powerpoint presentation two hours before class but opt not to present will earn half credit for their current event. The posting of student presentation dates will appear on Blackboard by July 3 at 11:59pm.

Not selectable (Topic that have been selected)

1. Nike-Nike encourages people to “play the heart” to “play the world” (the latest campaign)

2. Ulta Beauty-How to deal with the coronavirus pandemic

3. Burger King & Twitch


5. The banning of junk food promotions.

6. Kripsy Kreme

7. Gatorade- Ready to Play Anything Campaign

8. PepsiCo marketing becomes ‘more selective’ with focus on fewer, bigger activities

9. Washington Redskins name change and work environment 

10. KFC and Beyond Meat to release Beyond Fried Chicken

11. Trader Joe’s – Eliminating Ethnic Product Names

12. Gatorade’s “Ready to Play Anything” Campaign

13. Nordstrom- stores closing and pandemic effect 

14. Whole Foods – Knowing the Customer/ Market Segmentation 

15. Coca-Cola upcoming ad campaign “together tastes better”

16. “Order from your inbox? Walmart and Yahoo team up on grocery”

17. Apple working from home ad.