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6. Organizing a Group for Healthy Older People. Review the description given of the successful aging group. What did you learn from reading this proposal? If you were asked to form a group for healthy aging people in a community center, what steps would you take to organize this group and to get members? What are some things you would want to tell potential members about this particular group? 7. Organizing a Bereavement Group. Review the description given of a bereavement group. What are the main elements that account for the therapeutic value of grief work? What are some advantages of using a group format for dealing with loss with older adults? If you were to form a similar group, what changes might you make in organizing and conducting such a group? What challenges do you expect to face in conducting this kind of group?Please use this book
Schneider 47340, Marianne. Groups: Process and Practice (p. 422). Brooks Cole. Kindle Edition.

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