8-2 final project: submit integrated review


Using the six peer-reviewed literature articles from your annotated bibliography, compose an integrated review that focuses on a clinical issue of interest. Ensure that the topic of this integrated review is viewed from the perspective of a healthcare professional who is looking to validate the need for program evaluation at your hospital. Remember to use APA format.

For additional details, refer to the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document.

a. It is imperative to review the guidelines and use them to outline your paper. I posted the example of the table in week 7 announcements and again here. To help prepare for the final paper use the rubric to outline your paper to ensure all the required sections are covered. Please review guidelines for length and APA format requirements.

b. Use Headers and sub-headers in your paper to keep you on track 

c. Abstract should be on a single page

d. Please ensure you have your problem and scope with references to support

e. Your research question and variables labeled as  independent and dependent

f. Provide examples of your methods, data collection, and statistical tests

g. Address or identify any ethical issues

h. Use the rubric to help identify the remaining sections… 

i. Use APA format, double space your content and references, also citations must be present

j. Shapiro Library has wonderful APA resources in easy to read format. References should be alphabetized.

k. Data table has 6 research studies and these are used in your synthesis sections

l. Use hanging indent for your reference list, all references in your list must be cited in your paper,

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