A Three Phase Unbalanced Source With The Following Phase Voltages J12 O Is Applied T 3297842

A three-phase unbalanced source with the following phase voltages j12 O is applied to balanced three-phase load shown in Fig. P2.1 The load impedance per phase is given by Zs-j12 O and the mutual impedance between phases is Zm-15 O Using Symmetrical Components (a) Determine the symmetrical components of the 012 voltage, Va (b) Determine the load impedance matrix., Z”bc (c) Determine the symmetrical impedance matrix. z012 (d) Determine the symmetrical components of the current. (e) Determine the complex power from S(3f,-3 Fig. P2.1 012 012T T012* (f) Determine the cuirrents 1a. Ib, and Ic


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