A Vetro Et Al 2016 Propose A Data Quality Model Dqm 2308598

[A] Vetro et al.(2016) propose a Data Quality Model (DQM)

If some of the metrics proposed in Vetro et al. are not mathematically valid (see your answers to the related question in the controlled section of this exam), discuss the consequences in the methodology and in the related findings in Vetro et al.

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Vetro, Anonio, Lorenzo Canova, Marco Torchiano, Camilo Orazco Minotas, Raimond, and Federico Morando. “Open Data Quality Measurement Framework: Definition and Application to open Government Data.” Government Information Quarterly journal, 2016.


[B]The ISBSG dataset you expect to use for your research contains a very large number of missing data. Which of the missing data techniques listed in the Idri et al. reference would be most relevant for your research? Explain why


Ali Idri, Ibtisam Abnane, Alain Abran, Dealing with Missing Values in Software Project Datasets – A Systematic Mapping Study, book chapter in Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Parallel/Fistributed Computing, in Studies in Computational Intelligence, no. 653, Springer, 2016, pp. 1-16.