A Worker Is Claiming That They Are Being Harassed By Their Team Leader Your Organisa 3231196

A worker is claiming that they are being harassed by their team leader. Your organisation has a policy that a concern be raised firstly with the other employee or a supervisor. The worker who is claiming harassment has done this but this process has not ended in an appropriate resolution. Your organisation has decided that it would be beneficial to offer mediation in this case. The organisation has not offered mediation previously. You have been asked to develop mediation guidelines and facilitate the mediation process in this instance.

Complete the following tasks taking the above scenario into account:

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  • outline how you would develop mediation guidelines
  • provide a copy of the guidelines you would submit for approval
  • explain how you would prepare for mediation
  • describe the mediation process you would follow or how you would go about settling a dispute through mediation
  • summarise how you would finalise the mediation process
  • make suggestions about how to review the effectiveness of the mediation process and guidelines
  • identify suitable means of training others in the mediation process