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1. a) Write your own literature review on the topic above (500-800 words). 2. b) Write your own understanding of the research objectives 3. c) Critically review the research design (the sampling plan and quantitative data collection method) section submitted by the student on the topic and suggest ways to improve the research design section. For example when you write about the data collection method used by the student, in this case it is an online survey, you can divide your critical review into two parts: 1. Do you agree with this quantitative data collection method? Why? Why not? 2. If you agree with the online survey, is there a way the student could have done it differently with an online survey itself? If you do not agree with the online survey, then propose and explain a better way to collect the data. Document Preview:

MRKT 19038 T 1 2015 Assessment item 2 – Marketing Research Report Due date: 29 April 2015 by 1.30 p.m. AEST Weighting: 40%Length: 2500 words All assignments should be submitted online through the MRKT 19038 Moodle site. All reports will be checked by Turnitin to compare the report to other sources and will provide students and lecturers with a similarity score for the report. Reports with a similarity score index of more than 20% will be checked for plagiarism (although it may not necessarily mean that the student has plagiarised). Assessment task Read the student’s assignment ‘Student X’s assessment’ uploaded under the ‘Assessment 2’ link in Moodle. The student did an assessment on the following topic: “The university is trying to find out whether current students are spending too much time on Facebook and not enough time on their university studies and whether students believe this is affecting their performance. You work as a consultant for a marketing research company and you have been appointed by the university to write a marketing research report for the university’s chancellor to report on the research study you will conduct to address the above research objectives. You may want to add other main and sub objectives for the marketing research task at hand. You will need to- specify the problem statement,- conduct a literature review on the area to deepen your knowledge on the matter (you can use the following keywords or your own: learning in higher education, social networks, social media, Facebook, time management, organizational skills, procrastination, study skills)-design the research methodology for a study to be conducted over a one-month period, -design the sampling plan,-conduct real in-depth interviews with 5 of your fellow students and friends (to gather some preliminary information about the topic and student opinions),-propose and design a structured questionnaire to be administered to potential respondents, -propose a data…

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