A Y Connected Balanced Resistive Load Is Connected Across Unbalanced Three Phase Abc 3297838

A Y-connected balanced resistive load is connected across unbalanced three-phase ABC supply as shown in Fig. P3.1 with line currents IA 10/30 and IB 15/-60. (a) (i) Determine the line current Ic (b) The Y-connected load is converted into a 4-converted load as shown in Fig. P3.2 (ii) Determine the 11. 12.and I0 (i) Determine the impedance 2. (ii) Determine the phase currents IAB. IBc, and Ica (iii)Determine the leading symmetrical components elements 1 B?BC- and? (c) What is the relationship between the symmetrical components of the line and phase currents of the AB CA BC Fig. P3.1 Fig. P3.2


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