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Tentative TC/D (14 weeks = 28h) TOPICS COMMENTS CONTENTS VERBAL OBJECTIFS NOMINAL OBJECTIFS FUNCTIONS SYST SPECIFIQUES SYST SPECIFIQUES FIRST TERM : 5 WEEKS -Review of all -Review of -Expressing 1.Education in tenses in all comparatives: desires and Niger and abroad forms less/more regrets 10hours/5 +adjective or weeks noun…than. E.g.: The English test was less difficult than the -Apologizing Math one. There is more water in a bucket than in a bottle. . -Comparison with adverbials: Construire des in contrast to…, phrases comparatives unlike …., 1correctes avec while….. E.g. In contrast des adverbes to his sister, Ali modifiant des is a hard working adjectifs student SECOND TERM: 5 WEEKS -Future -Employer ces *Review of continuous temps dans des gerund after -Giving 2.Science and -Future perfect phrases correctes. certain verbs directions technology (NTIC) Gerunds: -Asking for help, 5 hours / 2&1/2 *Review of -after information weeks passive and prepositions -Employer active voice E.g.: On correctement le NB : Seules les arriving home, gérondif après prepositions “but” et 3.Careers in *Review of he found the door ces prépositions “except” ne sont pas commerce, letter writing open. suivies de « gerund ». industry, banking After washing E.g.: She does nothing and the civil -An application Rédiger une his hands, he ate but sleep in class. service demande food Review He can do any letter. 5 hours/ d’emlpoi gerund after work around the house 2&1/2 weeks certain verbs except cook. – after certain adverbials e.g.:, in spite of, because of, instead of, etc E.g. Because of 2sleeping late, I missed the English class. . THIRD TERM: 4 WEEKS 4.Development Review of tense -Review issues agreement in causatives with 4 hours / 2 Weeks reported speech…