A460 V 25 Hp 60 Hz Four Pole Y Connected Induction Motor Has The Following Impedanc 2846812

. A460-V, 25-hp, 60-Hz, four-pole, Y-connected induction motor has the following impedances in ohms per phase referred to the stator circuit:

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R 1 = 0.641 0

x1 = 1.106 n

R2= 0.332 0

X2 = 0.464 0 XM= 26.3 0

The total rotational losses are 1100 W and are assumed to be constant. The core loss is Jumped in with the rotational losses. For a rotor slip of 2.2 percent at the rated voltage and rated frequency, find the motor’s

(a) Speed

(b) Stator current

(c) Power factor

(d) Pconv and Pout

(e) TiJJd and T1oad

(f) Efficiency