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AASB/IASB Conceptual Framework: Accounting Measurement- Accounting Assignment Help

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Question 2 –
Identify the main users of accounting referred to within the AASB/IASB conceptual framework. Does the identification of particular users within the conceptual framework have implications for the future of accounting measurement? In your response you will need to consider the implications of the identification of particular users on the use of fair values and historical cost accounting.

Question 3 –

a) Outline the advantages for accounting that could result from the development of conceptual frameworks.
b) Refer to the following journal article:
Hines, R (1989), “Financial accounting knowledge, conceptual framework projects and the social construction of the Accounting profession”. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, 2(2), pp. 72-92.

Who does Hines believe has the most to gain from the development of conceptual frameworks? Compare and contrast the views of Hines with the advantages you identified in part a)