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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples:Rabbit Proof Fence- Nursing Reflective Writing Assignment


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1. View an episode of a television program such as ‘Redfern Now’ or a film such as ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’, ‘Samson and Delilah’, or ‘Ten Canoes’. (These resources are available for rent on widely available online podcasting and media streaming platforms in addition to free to air on demand and catch-up series).

2. Reflect on your experience of viewing the program/film. You may like to use the following tips to assist you in developing your reflection:

a. How does the content or themes explored in your chosen media relate to your own knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples health, wellbeing history, and culture?
b. How might viewing and reflecting on the program/film change your way of thinking about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People?
c. What impact might this have on your development as a nurse?