Abstract 10 An Abstract Is A Concise Summary Of The Experiment It Should Be A Short 2843335

Abstract (10 %)An abstract is a concise summary of the experiment. It should be a short paragraph (100-200 words) that includes background, purpose, methodology, key findings (result and significance) and conclusions of your experiment. These information should be clear for everyone and give them an idea about your lab report.III. Introduction (1-2 paragraphs) (15%)Briefly describe the background and theories of the experiment (based on your literature work), what you expect to happen when you do the experiment and why. This is where you should state clearly the purpose of your experiment. (Ask yourself what you are expected to learn from each part of the experiment). Most of this information can be obtained from your textbook or search the internet by key words. It is best to write this part of the report before you start the experiment. You should document that you have studied the appropriate chapters of your textbook, and any other literature you need, in order to understand the experiment before you attempt to do it in the lab.

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