Acc Receviable 19 200 Accumulated Dep Buliding 20 000 Advertising Expense 4000 Bank 2844051

acc/receviable 19,200accumulated dep. (buliding) 20,000advertising expense 4000bank over draft 8000capital ???drawings 10,000fuel expense 6000invert. in bank (short term) 15,000mortgage payable 48,000repair expense 3000services revenue 70,000salaries expense 12,000utilities expense 4000acc/payable 13,500accumulated dep. (equipment) 7000buliding 80,000cash 10,000debentures payable 12,000equipment’s 18,000interest payable 2,000land 60,000prepaid rent 6,500retained earnings 22,500office supplies 5,000interest expense. 5,000
required: prepare trail balance.

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