Acc431bassessment 1 Student Document S2016assessment Project 1 Oakland County 100 1767089

ACC431BAssessment 1-Student document-s2016Assessment Project 1 Oakland County (100 points)Governmental and Non-Profit AccountingACC431BStudents: Use the Oakland County Audit report from September 2014To work on this assessment. Name________________________NumberQuestionAnswerPage PointsIndependent Auditor’s Report1What is the name of the firm that performed the audit?42What is Management’s Responsibility?43What is the Auditor’s responsibility?44What is the Auditor’s opinion on the financial statements?45What is the date of the auditor’s report4Management’s Discussion and Analysis6The set of basic financial statements include which two statements?a)
b) 87Into what three categories are the county’s funds divided?a)b)c)128What three governmental funds are designated as major funds?a.b.c.129What are the seven enterprises funds?a)b)c)d)e)f)g)2810What is the Standards and Poor’s rating for Oakland County?4Notes to Basic Financial Statements11Note 1: The statements for Oakland County have been prepared in conformity to what established principles?412Note 1: What is the accepted standard-setting body for Oakland County?413Note 12: What does PERS stand for?414Note 12: How are investments reported?4Total 100 pts.

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